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China: Ministry of Education Approves First Major Blockchain Engineering Course

By Sagetwriter

The Chengdu University of Information and technology (CUIT) has received approval from the Ministry of Education, China to launch the country’s first blockchain undergraduate degree.

Reports by Chinanews agency say the blockchain engineering major aims to keep up with the developments in emerging technology, by providing technical training to students to keep up with the demand for blockchain industry professionals.

The course will focus on blockchain skill-sets, basics of blockchain system design, project management and implementation. The program will also integrate skills in computer science and blockchain project development methods.

China Leads Asia Blockchain Drive

The launch of the blockchain course coincides with increasing acceptance and promotion of blockchain technology across China. Notably, President Xi Jinping had last year called for a shift to blockchain technology, urging citizens to explore the industry.

In response to Jinping’s remarks, the number of blockchain use cases, patents and industry solutions in China continue to rise daily.

Even in the current face of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, blockchain startups in the country have developed medical data solutions, for tracking supplies and other necessary materials in the fight against the virus.

Other nations such as Australia, United States and more have also recently announced university courses in blockchain, with these tertiary institutions looking to groom experts for the highly in-demand industry.

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