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All You Need To Know About Blockchain Jobs

By Sagetwriter

Just as with most emerging technologies, there is a need for a corresponding work force. This need is accompanied by a huge demand for skills and expertise in such industry; and this is the scenario with blockchain technology.

 What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology also referred to as Distributed ledger Technology (DLT), is cryptocurrency’s underlying technology. Although its use began with finance, it has become a utility technology and solution to most needs in all sectors of human endeavour.

From the health sectorgovernmentlegal sectorenergy, supply chains and even fashion it provides great utility.

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Growing Demand for Blockchain Experts

According to global job platform – Linkedln’s 2018/2019 Emerging Jobs Report, blockchain jobs are the number one emerging jobs of the past year. The current demand for professionals in this industry has increased by over 33 times since 2017.

Freelance job market – UpWork lists blockchain as the fastest growing skill of the 2018/2019 financial year with a 3,500% growth rate. Statistics from Google trends also confirm these numbers.

This demand trend looks to continue considering the incorporation of blockchain technology by more companies; from FacebookMicrosoftIBM, Samsung, cryptocurrency companies and many more, there is a role for a blockchain expert in any industry.

State-wise, Australia and Asia have experienced blockchain skill shortage, with employers ready to pay upwards $300,000 per annum in individual salaries for experts. In the United States, blockchain job listings are over tens of thousands.

What are the job roles in Blockchain technology?

  • Blockchain developer
  • Blockchain designer
  • Blockchain project manager
  • Blockchain engineer/ Blockchain quality engineer
  • Blockchain attorney or legal consultant
  • Blockchain content
  • Blockchain business (sales and marketing)

Current Challenges to Blockchain Jobs

Now, to cope with this demand, there is a major challenge with regards to training and incorporation of blockchain courses in regular school curriculum; especially in Africa.

Although there are predominant blockchain learning platforms, blockchain technology is yet to become a common course in regular universities.

Of course and as always, the western nations have set up frameworks to match this demand. From blockchain masters degree in Ireland, Pennsylvania University’s blockchain and cryptocurrency course, to a scholarship program for blockchain students in Malta; the western nations are looking to fill this void.

Other institutions include: Australia’s RMIT University, University of Technology Sydney, Latrobe University.

Advantages of Blockchain Careers

  • Long term opportunity considering its a new industry
  • Very impressive salaries as high as $180,000 per annum
  • Can work remotely (Does not require a fixed office space, can work from anywhere)
  • Tops as most sought after IT skills
  • No nationality restrictions

How do I start a Career in Blockchain Technology?

  • Take free online courses
  • Read vastly and pick a niche
  • Apply for certification courses or online universities offering these courses
  • Join online/offline blockchain communities

Platforms or Websites to Search for Blockchain Jobs

With attention shifting to the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, these job roles offer a welcome opportunity.