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Twitter: Crypto Emojis and Home of The Cryptocurrency Community on Social Media

By Sagetwriter
Bitcoin Twitter Cryptocurrency Community

Social media platform – Twitter is known to be the hub of most cryptocurrency influencers, as well as a wide meeting point for the “crypto community” – as they are called.

Twitter features interactions between industry big wigs and their followers, with tweets on new products, coin analysis, general market thoughts, and cryptocurrency education all shared by on a daily basis.

The platform ranks as a top 3 cryptocurrency-friendly social media app, a status which many attribute to its CEO Jack Dorsey being a know Bitcoin and cryptocurrency advocate.

Twitter Cryptocurrency Emojis

Through the months of 2020, Twitter has released a total of three (3) cryptocurrency branded hashtags and emojis. The added coin emojis are those of Bitcoin (BTC), Crypto.com (CRO), and BNB respectively.

To use the emoji feature, users are required to Tweet using example #BTC, #Bitcoin, ₿, and related hashtags.

While Twitter’s branded hashtag service was launched in 2015, crypto only just joined the frenzy following its growing popularity and community members making a home on the platform.

While this is a welcome development, arguments in some quarters say most companies get their branded emojis courtesy of a $50,000 spent on twitter Ads which grants them eligibility. Many cite the case of the 2019 Super Bowl – where Coca-Cola, Starbucks and a few other big corporations reportedly spent $1 million on ads to get their own emojis on certain hashtags.

In all, whether paid or not, the publicity of these emojis is sure to increase adoption and interest from newbies who out of curiosity and trend would look to get in the industry.

How to Use Twitter Effectively As A Crypto Newbie

We share a few tips to benefit from the cryptocurrency community on Twitter:

  • ₿ Follow verified cryptocurrency influencers especially those who share educational content such as @ErikVoorhees, @ScottMelker, and more.
  • ₿ Get first hand info on coin projects and exchange announcements directly from official handles.
  • ₿ See the thoughts of other crypto enthusiasts on certain projects and the market.
  • ₿ Participate in community polls.
  • ₿ Enjoy free technical and fundamental tips from analysts.

In all, social media plays a key role in cryptocurrency adoption, information and education for newbies. So use effectively.

Recall 07-07-2020, a TikTok challenge saw DogeCoin (DOGE) rise by a whooping 40% in 24 hours, as videos urging TikTokers to buy the cryptocurrency went viral. Just another show of the social media effect.