01-26-2020 icon

LinkedIn Co-Founder On Sexism in Blockchain

By calvin

Allen Blue, the co-Founder of professional network, LinkedIn shares his concerns on occupational inequality in the blockchain sector. While at an interview, he expressed the need for the global community to prevent extension of the gender gap in employment with jobs of the future.

Blue says,

“If we look forward and those are in fact the jobs of the future, who will have those jobs, we know for sure that if things don’t change men are going to have those jobs and women are not.”


He suggests that women do not have the same access as men to the network required to secure roles in the blockchain industry.

“What that means is if you fast forward the clock and you’ve got too few women in these jobs already the network reinforces that separation over time. So what we end up with in five years or ten years is hardened separations between what type of jobs women have and what type of jobs men have and it is even harder to break down the gender wall.”

According to a survey by WEF (World Economic Forum), it will take women nearly 300 years to have the same economic opportunities as men. Currently, women only account for 30% of tech-related jobs.

LinkedIn predicts that blockchain will be the most in-demand hard skill in 2020. LinkedIn says blockchain potential is huge. The industry penetrates even the darkest of corners as a new era is uncovered.

In order to ensure that women of all ages get a fair chance at entering the industry, more efforts need to be made to provide training. With more training, women from all background can be prepared to harness the power of blockchain technology. Currently, blockchain organization, IOHK is training developers across different parts of Africa. It hopes to expand its operations to more African states.