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Australians Can Now Buy Bitcoin at the Post Office

By Sagetwriter
Buy Bitcoin at Australia Post Office

A new partnership between local cryptocurrency exchange Bitcoin.com.au and the Australia Post, now offers residents the opportunity to buy Bitcoin at national post offices in Australia.

According to the announcement, customers of the exchange will be able to pay for Bitcoin at over 3,500 accredited Australian post offices; hence increasing ease and accessibility to the number one cryptocurrency.

Speaking on the development, Holger Arians CEO of the firm said the new payment alternative will make it more comfortable for people to buy crypto:

β€œOur mission is to make Bitcoin safe and easy for every Australian. For many people, paying for Bitcoin at an Australia Post office feels safer than transferring funds online β€” particularly for first-time buyers. We’re proud of this partnership and would like to thank Australia Post for their continued openness to new technologies.”

Interestingly, Australia has seen a roll out of crypto-related services recently, with Coca-Cola Bottling distributor Amatil offering residents the option to pay for drinks at vending machines using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Physical Point of Sale Could Boost Crypto Adoption

While most bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges operate online, there is an increasing number of physical locations to buy cryptocurrencies.

Notable among them is the increase in global count of Bitcoin ATMs which recently reached a milestone of 8,300 units worldwide, with Nigeria home to one of 11 in Africa.

Across the United States and other developed nations like France; retail stores, tobacco shops and malls now offer bitcoin buying services to their customers.

This option builds a sense of trust for the buyer especially newbies who could be skeptical about the security of online payments.

Will physical Bitcoin stores foster cryptocurrency adoption? Will they build trust between vendors and buyers? Share your thoughts in the comments.