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Top Ten (10) States and Cities in Nigeria ‘Googling’ Bitcoin

By Sagetwriter

With the latest Binance Research showing Nigeria’s sustained interest in Bitcoin as revealed by Google Search Trends, we take a look at the top 10 Nigerian States catching the bitcoin vibe.

Note that the rankings are based on the past 12 months (1 year) and 5-years time frame. The list takes into consideration states with the highest Bitcoin and Bitcoin related searches; such as What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin to USD, How to buy Bitcoin among other search queries.

All statistics are courtesy of Google Trends, and are subject to periodic changes.

The ten states topping Google bitcoin Searches (12 months) are:

  1. Ekiti
  2. Ondo
  3. Delta
  4. Edo
  5. Ogun
  6. Osun
  7. Enugu
  8. Kwara
  9. Oyo
  10. Bayelsa

A look at the top five (5) cities/towns shows Abeokuta, Warri, Benin City, Ikorodu, and Ibadan topping the list.

Surprisingly, Lagos State places 20th with 28% of the searches. Guess the Lagosians have enough information and answers within reach hence they may not need to ‘ask google’.

A look at the queries and questions over the last 12 months till date show interest in questions like: How to buy Bitcoin with debit card?, Current bitcoin price, Bitcoin ATM, How To Buy Bitcoin?, How much is 1 bitcoin  to naira, among others.

Top 10 States Googling Bitcoin (5 Years)

Here are the top 10 States Googling Bitcoin over the past five years, that is exactly 5 years from the date of bitcoin’s creation. They include:

  1. Ekiti
  2. Ebonyi
  3. Ogun State
  4. Osun
  5. Edo
  6. Oyo
  7. Ondo
  8. Anambra
  9. Enugu
  10. Kwara

Questions which popped up over the 5-year time frame include: Bitcoin meaning, Get free Bitcoin, BTC to Naira, About Bitcoin, How to Get Bitcoin etc.

Do you see any surprise states on the rankings? Do these search volumes equate to Nigerians Bitcoin/cryptocurrency awareness? What factors do you think are responsible for the search numbers in these states. Share in the comments