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Samsung Unveils Blockchain-powered 5G Phone

By Sagetwriter
Samsung 5G Blockchain Phone

Samsung in partnership with SK Telecom – a South Korean mobile carrier, has unveiled the world’s first 5G smartphone equipped with blockchain-powered ID authentication service.

The phone named “Galaxy A Quantum“, comes with a quantum random number generation chipset developed by Samsung Electronics, which helps smartphone users safely use specific services by generating unpredictable and patternless pure random numbers.

It also features a T ID double login, 8GB RAM, 4,500mAh large capacity battery, 25W ultra-fast charging, Samsung Pay API. There is also a close-up quad camera capable of vividly photographing the texture of a subject, and a 64 million-pixel basic camera.

Sk telecom says the device will be available for presale on May 15 for a price of 649,000 Korean Won or $527.54 USD; with an official launch date set for May 22.

Galaxy A Quantum Blockchain Features

According to the company, the phone’s blockchain-powered system offers users a platform to pay for goods and services at offline vendors using SK Pay.

The blockchain feature also helps prevent falsification and theft of data stored on the phone, as well as offering users a biomentric protection hoisted on its mobile blockchain authentication service.

‘Initial’ is a service that prevents forgery and alteration and strengthens self-sovereignty by applying blockchain decentralized identifier (DID) technology, and can issue and submit various personal certificates with one smartphone without offline procedures,” the announcement reads.

Asia Leads Blockchain Smartphone Drive

Tech companies and phone manufacturers in Asia have continued to explore the blockchain-device industry.

Notably companies in South Korea such as mobile giant LG have unveiled plans for crypto and blockchain friendly mobile phones, as they look to lead the emerging gadget industry.

Taiwan-based HTC also recently unveiled a 5G blockchain router capable of running a full bitcoin node, including its recent integration of Monero (XMR) coin mining on its Exodus Blockchain phone.