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Ripple Hires Chief Economist

By calvin
ripple economist

Ripple is hiring a chief economist to help it to create a strategy for its XRP holdings. The chief economist could be responsible for the digital payment firm’s jaw-dropping 54,642,632,616 XRP holdings.

Chief Economist Vacancy at Ripple

The chief economist hired by Ripple will be required to have a PhD in economics. They will need to be a demonstrated thought leader.

“In this role, you will study the market dynamics in cryptocurrency, particularly within XRP markets. You will apply your robust knowledge of monetary policy and macroeconomic principles to develop strategies regarding management of Ripple’s XRP holdings.

You’ll lead public communications on those strategies, the state of the XRP economy, and thought leadership on broader cryptoeconomics.”

Ripple Expansion Continues

Ripple is also looking for a director of developer relations to “develop and lead initiatives to “engage, support, enable, and grow the global XRP community of developers”.

According to the job description,

As Director of Developer Relations, you will develop and lead initiatives to engage, support, enable, and grow the global XRP community of developers around XRPL, by being their advocate and communicating their needs to our internal product and engineering teams.

The firm has managed to expand its network of partners and service offerings despite legal risks that have materialised for it over the last few years. In a recent interview with BlockDown TV, the CTO of Ripple stated that digital payments is working on new ways to offer decentralised finance services to its partners. 

According to Schwartz,

“We’re also looking into offering other services through RippleNet – things like loans, or maybe even if DeFi grows, offering DeFi services to institutional partners.

With great power comes great responsibility. The price of XRP recently increased substantially, further improving the reputation of Ripple. While its regulatory woes continue, it maintains the trust of its many customers around the world.

Photo by zhang kaiyv on Unsplash