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Myths and Truths With NairaEx

By calvin

NairaEx in the Spotlight

NairaEx is West Africa’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, with a growing digital footprint across the continent. Since its inception, it has grown its user base not only in Nigeria but across different continents in the world. From USA to China, different individuals use NairaEx. As with any other popular brand, it is easy for some people to be mistaken about facts and fiction, thus creating myths which are unfounded. 

Myth #1: Incomplete FAQs

One laughable myth about NairaEx is that its FAQs (frequently asked questions) section is incomplete. This is false. The leading exchange has 3 pages worth of FAQs with in-depth documentation to guide you in your cryptocurrency journey. 

Customer service is at the heart of NairaEx’s success. This is why it takes communication with its customers so seriously, both written and verbal. It has a dedicated solutions site, providing different answers to questions that you may have. 

Myth #2: Too Focused on Nigeria

The exchange is very passionate about what Bitcoin can do for Nigeria and its populace. While it is intensely passionate about driving Nigeria’s growth with Bitcoin, it is also a huge proponent of the global village that we live in. 

Some people are misguided by the notion that it is focused only on Nigerians. This is false. NairaEx cares about both its Nigerian customers as well as its growing base of international customers. 

Myth #3: Bitcoin is Too Volatile

A lot of people still have cold feet about cryptocurrency, despite the record volumes and prices recorded. It goes without saying that Bitcoin has been able to outperform traditional investments by a huge margin. 

What You Should Know about NairaEx

NairaEx has one of the largest volumes of cryptocurrency exchanges on the face of the African continent. This achievement comes with great responsibility. As a result, NairaEx sticks to global best practices from choosing its wallets and transaction protocols to ensuring smooth transactions for thousands of customers. It is safe to say, the NairaEx way is the only way.