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Legendary Trader Peter Brandt’s Analysis on Bitcoin to $100,000

By Sagetwriter

Renowned commodity and crypto trader – Peter Brandt (@PeterLBrandt) has released a publication explaining when and how, as well as factors for Bitcoin’s predicted rise to $100,000.

It will be recalled that Peter Brandt had called Bitcoin’s famous $13,500 all-time high this year, while also describing Bitcoin as “a market like no other, one in its fourth parabolic phase on a long chart.”

In his latest publication, Brandt notes that Bitcoin is heading towards the $100,000 mark, as he explained in a new video. According to his analysis, Bitcoin is still moving within its historic bull trend which has seen consecutive higher highs and higher lows.

Peter Brandt Analyzes Bitcoin to $100K Price Prediction

Brandt states that despite BTCs current short-term bearish scenario, the number one cryptocurrency will maintain its bullish narrative in the coming years until it breaks $100,000.

For the above to occur, there are two main scenarios to expect: a bearish scenario and a bullish uptrend. He analyses both:

The Bearish Scenario

Peter Brandt notes that BTC price is currently at a crossroad zone (make or break), and might go for any of the scenarios soon.

At this time, it is trading very close to the lower boundary of a multi-year channel. Hence, if price continues correcting then we might see Bitcoin bottoming out at $5,324 by July 2020.

This bearish prediction is based on previous patterns which saw bitcoin violate the parabolic pattern four times since 2011. In each of the four events, a 80%-plus correction had followed and lasted for about 12 months from the peak to the low.

Brandt notes that with such correction, a strong support at $5,324 will hold; adding that the potential correction will scare a lot of crypto bulls and hodlers – a FUD he likens to that which he has experienced in his years of trading other commodity markets.

BTC $100,000 Price Prediction – Bearish Scenario by Peter Brandt

The Instant Bullish Scenario

In a second scenario involving an uptrend, where BTC price doesn’t break the lower boundary of the multi-year channel, BTC price will reverse to bounce to new highs.

Brandt says the new highs could come as early as next year under this bullish scenario.

BTC $100,000 Price Prediction – Bullish Scenario by Peter Brandt

A Case for Bitcoin Halving

For many Bitcoin bulls and traders, the upcoming Bitcoin halving in May 2020 is enough to guarantee a new all-time high. This assumption is supported by analysis of past halving events; as well as by the stock-to-flow (SF) model by Plan B who predicts Bitcoin to be or have been above $100,000 before Christmas 2021.

However from Brandt’s analysis, while halving remains a possible catalyst for Bitcoin’s price rise, new price highs would not solely depend on the Bitcoin halving event.

Very Important: Both traders – Peter Brandt and Plan B (stock-to-flow model) are revered among Bitcoin investors for the accuracy of their predictions and price tools respectively. However. The Bitcoin/crypto market remains highly volatile and certain events could swing the market in different directions.

So Always Do Your Own Research.

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