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Important Altcoin Events and Announcements for June-July 2020

By Sagetwriter
Altcoin Events and Annocement June July 2020

Bitcoin.NG brings you a short list of upcoming altcoin events, announcements, and fundamental news for the months of June-July 2020.

JUNE 2020

Altcoin / TokenDateEvent
GateChain Token (GT)JuneMainnet Launch
JuneMainnet Staking Launch
NKNJuneMainnet 2.0
POLYJune 23Testnet Launch
ARKJuneArk Core v3 Release
OGNJuneStaking Introduction
EDOJuneToken Swap and Governance Launch
KNCJuneKatalyst Upgrade
ZILJuneLaunch of Staking
LTOJuneDeflationary Model Token
QNTJuneOverledger Network Launch
REPJuneAugur V2 Release
IDEXJuneIDEX 2.0 Launch

JULY 2020

Cardano (ADA)July 29Shelley Mainnet
Bancor (BNT)JulyBancor V2
TRON (TRX)July 7TRON 4.0 Mainnet
Travala.com (AVA)JulyMainnet Launch


Following fundamental analysis, these events are expected to cause an increase in price of the listed cryptocurrencies; courtesy of the positive news factor.

A perfect strategy will be to “Buy the Rumour, and Sell the News” – that is, buy in anticipation, hold and sell once the coin’s price pumps in response to the news.

Also, to stay updated with information on any of the altcoin projects, following their Twitter page is helpful, as most development updates are posted on their social media handles; especially for the Crypto Twitter (CT) community.

Cryptocurrency Glossary

Here’s a definition of keywords in this publication:

1. Mainnet: refers to a fully developed and to be deployed blockchain protocol, meaning that cryptocurrency transactions can now be broadcasted, verified, and recorded on a distributed ledger. 

2. Staking: This involves holding funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to support the security and operations of the coin’s blockchain network. In simple terms, staking is the act of locking cryptocurrencies to receive rewards.

3. Testnet: Opposite of mainnet networks, the term testnet refers to when a blockchain or cryptocurrency network is not yet up and running at its full capacity.

A testnet is used by developers to test all the aspects and features of a blockchain network before it is certified ready for the mainnet launch.

In other words, a testnet is an experimental blockchain project, while a mainnet is a completely developed blockchain platform for users to send and receive cryptocurrency transactions.

NOTE: This publication is not investment advice, ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH (DYOR).