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France: Education Ministry Adds Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Studies to High School Curriculum

By Sagetwriter

France is set to introduce an educational curriculum which includes Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency studies for high schools.

Following an announcement by the French Education ministry, its amended study plan for Economics and Social Sciences will incorporate courses on the number one cryptocurrency – Bitcoin; with educators expected to teach students introductory aspects in understanding Bitcoin and its impact on France and global economies.

The ministry says it will provide teachers with explainer videos focused on answering crypto questions: such as β€œIs Bitcoin the currency of the future?”, β€œCan Bitcoin replace the Euro?”, β€œDo you have trust in your currency?” and many more.

Further details show that, students will be required to essentially compare Bitcoin with fiat currencies, in a bid to broaden their knowledge of cryptocurrencies and their role in the traditional financial market.

France Takes A Step further

While this curriculum focuses on introductory aspects of the crypto subject, it is a step closer in providing young students an insight into the bitcoin and digital currency space; especially considering its increasing recognition and wide spread adoption.

France as a nation has maintained a flexible stance towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, opening its citizens to both currency and technology through various programs. The country currently has over 25,000 point-of-sale retailers and tobacco shops set to accept and offering bitcoin buy and sell services.

This is a welcome development considering France ranks in the European Union.

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