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Google Launches Developers Space in Nigeria

By calvin

Today, Google launches its first Developers Space in Lagos, Nigeria. Previously, referred to as the Google Launchpad Space, the accelerator hub will serve developers, startups and entrepreneurs to collaborate.

Free to Use

The space is free to use. Different programs will take place at Google Launchpad Accelerator Africa. The programmes will support developer meetups, training, experts office hours, and notably Women in tech events. 

As blockchain solutions become more popular across Africa, developer spaces with technical resources could become more important to the survival and scale of blockchain startups across the continent. 

An Opportunity for Blockchain?

In 2019, Google joined forces with startup token project, Chainlink as an official cloud partner. The partnership was built with the aim of placing BigQuery (a data warehousing and business intelligence solution) data on the blockchain, using oracle smart contracts. 

According to the head of operations of Launchpad Accelerator Africa, Onajite Emerhor, 

“Google is strengthening its commitment to supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Africa by opening the Google Developers Space today. We have partnered with Impact Hub to bring the Space to life and worked with a local company called Spacefinish, which designed it specifically to create an environment that fosters collaboration and innovation. We’re looking forward to working with startups and other players in the ecosystem from across the continent at the Space,” 

100,000 Developers

Google plans to train 100,000 developers across Africa, providing developer merchant support in Google Play store. Developers will be able to earn money through applications that they build. 

Country Director of Google Nigeria, Juliet Ehimuan says, 

“This space is the next step to our support for developers across the continent. From our commitment to train 100,000 developers across Africa and the launch of developer merchant support in the Google Play store, making it possible for developers to earn money through apps they build. We are excited to continue our journey with the African startup and developer communities,”

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