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Electroneum Transfers Rise to Over 300,00 on App

By calvin

Over 300,000 transfers of electroneum recently took place as activity in relation to the project increases. 

Electroneum Transfers Rise

According to an email from Electroneum’s CEO to users,

“The numbers of transactions taking place for real-world things in ETN is vast compared to virtually all other cryptocurrencies. We’ve now had over 300,000 app to app instant transfers. These are people using the value of ETN to transfer to other users for everyday things.”

Electroneum recently got help from the CEO of Cointelligence to verify that the transfers of their cryptocurrency is accurate. CEO, On Yavin, looked at the databases and processes of Cointelligence to determine their accuracy.

“We have better cryptocurrency adoption than 99.9% of cryptocurrency projects and that is now verified by a third party.”

New Use Cases for Cryptocurrency

Electroneum recently released a freelancer marketplace to enable millions of unbanked people in developing regions to join the global digital economy. AnyTask.com claims to be the first freelance platform to unlock the global digital economy for the world’s unbanked. Users on the platform do not need a bank account to pay or be paid for services. 

The organization has deployed several projects which serve as bridges between cryptocurrency and real-world applications. 

“2020 is flying past with Electroneum growing from strength to strength. We now have one of the only true ecosystems in the crypto space, that allows real world use of cryptocurrency. By doing this we have started to be adopted by real world users in vast numbers. We now have the full software suite to take Electroneum up to being one of the top 10 brands in the crypto space.”

New use cases have been made possible by cryptocurrency organizations innovating in the space. NairaEx currently offers NairaEx Bill which allow for the payment of bills (DSTV, EEDC and more). Users of NairaEx Bill are able to make airtime top up using Bitcoin (BTC).