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Demand for Bitcoin Online Courses Soar by 300%

By Sagetwriter

With routine activities across various countries in lock down mode, lots of people are taking up online resources to learn about Bitcoin.

According to recent statistics, the number of people signing up for online Bitcoin and cryptocurrency learning courses has sky rocketed since the impact of the COVID-19 virus globally.

In response to the pandemic, many nations have been forced to ask citizens to stay-at-home, with physical distancing measures put in place to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

This new mode of living has turned the online space into a global meeting point, as many seek to put the pause time into good use.

As a result of this “free time”, there has been a surge in online learning courses, with individuals seeking to acquire new skill-sets; including learning about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Data from online learning hub Udemy indicates a fourfold rise in the demand for Bitcoin courses in the past month alone. A spokesman for Udemy remarked:

“What we see on the Udemy platform is that demand for Bitcoin/cryptocurrency-related courses has quadrupled in the past month.”

Also, Cousera – an education service that offers courses from universities worldwide had a similar increase in Bitcoin-based classes in the last four weeks than it had in all of last year.

“In March, we saw a 293% increase in the total number of enrollments on our platform and a 200% increase for Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin courses specifically, a Cousera representative said.

These statistics hint at a growing interest in Bitcoin and a general study of cryptocurrencies.

A Collective Thirst for Financial Knowledge

While these numbers may not come as a surprise considering people are stuck at home, people seem to be heeding the advice of personal development coaches who say taking productive courses or learning new skills are the way to go in the face of the current global and economic uncertainty.

This increase in demand for online Bitcoin resources could be attributed to 3 current narratives. First. the reduced use of cash globally as many fear a spread of the virus through contaminated cash; hence the need to use digital payment channels.

There is also the narrative of an impending recession if the virus vaccine doesn’t show up soon. Major economic activities have been grounded hence very little circulation of cash; many now seek safe haven assets to stay afloat when the economic hardship ensues.

The recession narrative was recently quoted by Robert Kiyosaki – author of best selling book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” as he opined “Save Gold and Bitcoin, Shun Cash.”

In all, with the close of regular classrooms and physical interaction, scholars turn to online courses, on platforms such as EdX which offers internet based education. According to Lee Rubenstien VP at EdX, the platform has seen a massive increase in enrollments.

“This is 100% COVID driven…Employees and students need courses and skills.”

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