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.Crypto Domain Names to Replace Cryptocurrency Wallet Addresses

By Sagetwriter

Unstoppable Domains – a cryptocurrency domain name start-up has launched its .crypto domain registry on the Ethereum blockchain.

According to a press release, the .crypto registry will allow users to connect any cryptocurrency address to their domain, enabling them to receive payments using just the domain name.

That is, users could now ditch their long alphanumeric wallet address and just send payments to Example.crypto or John.Crypto.

Payments â€” Replacing cryptocurrency addresses with human readable names. I own myname.crypto, I attach all of my crypto addresses to it, and I get paid in any currency.

– Unstoppable Domains explains use of its new .crypto wallet address service

Unstoppable Domains says under this new service, payments will only require the receiver’s blockchain domain. This will eliminate the need for copy and paste of long cryptocurrency wallet addresses as well as simplify and decentralize payment process which will foster more adoption.

“We believe that tribalism in the crypto community is slowing down adoption of the technology. .Crypto is a domain name system meant to be used for any cryptocurrency payment and with any cryptocurrency wallet.

Read about unstoppable domains here

Other benefits of the service include: the blockchain domain is stored by the ownwer, no third party is required, the domain registration is for lifetime and requires no renewal, domain ownership is transferable.

This .crypto domain names could prevent cases of error transfers such as BitcoinKeith’s who received 7.8BTC due to a sender’s mistake.

Would you prefer .crypto domain names over traditional wallet addresses? Share your thoughts in the comments.