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Crypto Christmas: 5 Platforms to Buy With Bitcoin This Season

By Sagetwriter

It’s Christmas again and shoppers in Nigeria and globally are buying gifts and household items for the season.

While many use e-commerce platforms such as Jumia and Amazon which have made online purchases easier, these platforms do not offer the cryptocurrency alternative for an increasing number of millennial shoppers who seek to buy items using bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

It is a well known fact that during the yuletide season, shoppers have a hard time with fiat payments as most financial institutions are closed for holidays and banking services hence become very slow.

This is in contrast to crypto which offers 365/24/7 utility to users globally and is devoid of the banking delays and payment hurdles.

Bitcoin/crypto payments aid speedy transactions, no charge backs, no third party delays, and offer cheaper fees than fiat payments.

A setback to the acceptance of crypto payments by many retailers and stores has been the issue of ‘volatility’. However, with the current fundamentals and growing technology of the 10-yer old crypto industry championed by Bitcoin, there is room for solutions to this setback.

Now, let’s see top websites that accept bitcoin payments for choice items and travelling needs this holiday season.


Overstock.com ranks as a top choice shopping platform for Bitcoiners especially this Christmas season. It’s customers are offered a wide range of items to purchase including: TV sets, furniture, gift items, sports gear and more; using crypto as payment method.

The BTC payment process on overstock is simple: Select the “Pay with Bitcoin” option and follow the instructions.

Overstock.com does not support BTC payments on its mobile site, so you’ll need a PC. In cases of refund, Overstock pays the exact amount of crypto paid at the time of the transaction.

And yeah Overstock ships to Nigeria.


Newegg is the perfect platform for tech savvy bitcoin holders. Bitcoiners who seek to purchase latest electronics this Christmas will find the platform’s wide range of gadgets and brands very handy.

Items from personal computers, desktops, sound sytems, high-end gaming devices and more are available on Newegg.

Here, users can make BTC payment by choosing the product and scanning the provided QR code, then proceed to send the amount in bitcoin to the given address. After the funds have been sent, users receive a confirmation email containing purchase and delivery details. Easyyyyyyyyy.

Intrestingly, Newegg ships to Nigeria, and 7 other African countries.


There seems to be a crypto shopping website for everyone. At Olodolo, fashion lovers are served the latest clothing, jewelry and cosmetic items.

Olodolo specifically helps people buy items on Aliexpress using  any of these 3 cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Buy fashion items with Bitcoin on Olodolo.com

Delivery is available to a large number of countries worldwide; with the total to be paid including shipping and related tax specified on each order.


The Christmas season comes with lots of travel, as bitcoiners link up with family and loved ones after a good trading year. LOL.

CheapAir is the perfect choice for discounted flight tickets to choice destinations worldwide.

The platform features an easy process to book flights and complete payment using Bitcoin. The rate of BTC exchange is based on the value of the digital currency at the time of booking.

A great choice for travelers.


For people looking to send gift cards to their loved ones this Christmas, eGifter does the work.

eGifter enables customers to buy a wide range of gift cards from the choicest brands such as Amazon, Apple store, Adidas, Steam and GameStop gift cards.

Giftcards can be purchased here using digital currencies like Bitcoin, Dash, LTC and ETH.

On payment completion, the user receives the choice giftcard in either physical or digital e-code.

eGifter also offers regular customer discounts through a points system which on accumulation allows the user enjoy numerous benefits.

There’s so much more!!!

Note: This publication is simply a Guide not an endorsement of the retailer’s services. See reviews and policies applicable to your country before placing any orders.

Did you know? Nigeria’s Premier Bitcoin exchange- NairaEx has launched a new service named ‘NairaEx Pay‘ – a platform that allows you integrate and instantly process Bitcoin payments to Naira on your online retail store. See full details here.

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