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Introducing NairaEx Pay

By Sagetwriter

Nigeria’s premier Bitcoin exchange, NairaEx has launched a first of many crypto projects, offering Nigerians easy crypto/bitcoin services across the country.

The new service called NairaEx Pay – is a payment gateway which offers users (companies, businesses and individuals) a platform to accept and process bitcoin payments automatically.

According to the exchange, the emerging use of digital currency (Bitcoin) for payment of goods and services has prompted the new service. One which will allow companies accept Bitcoin payments globally and receive payments in bitcoin or converted ‘naira’ to their bank accounts.

The NairaEx Pay service offers businesses and online stores or individuals an opportunity to integrate Bitcoin payment options on their website or online stores.

How to Register

Customers are required to first create an account here: Pay.NairaEx.com.

  • On the web homepage, Click on ‘SignUp’ and complete registration form.
  • Verify your email address through verification link sent.

How to Accept Your Bitcoin Payments Using NairaEx Pay

  • Login to your NairaEx Pay Account.
  • Click on ‘Create A New Store’.
  • Enter Store Name’ and click on Create

PS – NairaEx allows you create and manage an unlimited number of stores. Each store has its unique wallet management portfolio.

Also, you can Customize Your Store Settings.

Other Controls: Summary – Allows you view a summary of your store income

Pay Button – You generate your store payment link here, and can integrate it on your store website or share to customers

Store details – Here, you can customize store colour, name, address and more here.

Invoices: Allows you View details of invoice/receipts form store payments.

How to Withdraw Store Income

You can withdraw your store income in Bitcoin or Naira through these steps:

Enter amount and choice bitcoin (BTC) wallet address for withdrawal’.

Click on Submit withdraw request.

Note that fees apply for Bitcoin BTC withdrawals.

To Withdraw Naira

NairaEx Pay wil convert your Bitcoin balance to Naira and withdraw to your Nigerian bank account. To do this:

  • Enter withdrawal amount.
  • Confirm that the name of recipient matches the bank account holder name.
  • Fill in bank details and submit withdrawal request.

You can also change account recipient details by navigating to Profile on the menu bar, fill in new details and click update account details.

How Do I Update Store Profile Details

You can update your NairaEx Pay details such as Name, Email, Password, 2FA, Phone, and NGN Bank account details by simply navigating to the profile tab in the menu bar, fill in new details and click update.

Why Use NairaEx Pay

There are 101 reasons to use NairaEx Pay, here are our top 5:

  • NairaEx Pay offers businesses and individuals fast BTC payments to cash or bank conversion and vice versa.
  • Parent company NairaEx has served Nigerians for years; this new platform is a first in Nigeria and an extension of its great products and customer service.
  • With NairaEx Pay you get your payments directly, no chargebacks, no high fees, no interest charges on your BTC store payments.
  • NairaEx Pay is easy to use and can be immediately integrated on your online store or website.

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