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Apple Founder’s Crypto Venture Makes $950 Million in 13 Minutes

By calvin

One of the brains behind Apple technologies has forged a new path in the blockchain industry with a new crypto venture which raised $950 million in 13 minutes. Steve Wozniak’s Efforce was able to get its tokens listed and raise funds effortlessly in a matter of minutes.

Apple Founder Raises $950 Million in Crypto

Efforce’s token was listed under the symbol WOZX on December 3. It surpassed its listing price by ten times, shortly after being put on the markets, raising $950 million in 13 minutes.

According to the company, investors have given it a valuation of $80 million in private sales.

The WOZX/USDT pair traded at 1.5250 ($1.48) on a Sunday afternoon, gaining 38,93% over 24 hours.

Wozniak mentioned Efforce in July 2019 at the Delta Summit in Malta. The company aims to use blockchain to improve how energy is used without changing our habits.

If successful, Efforce could become a marketplace for the funding of energy efficiency projects using blockchain. Projects in the marketplace will be able to get funded through crowd contributions from investors. The Efforce token, WOZX will be used to make trades on the platform.

Wozniak Starts New Revolution?

Malta has been chosen as the company’s country of registration. Wozniak has long wanted to invest in the region.

He says,

“It has been on my mind for decades. Like no other place in the world,”

“We created Efforce to be the first decentralized platform that allows everyone to participate and benefit financially from worldwide energy efficiency projects, and create meaningful environmental change,”

Wozniak’s other achievements in blockchain include co-founding a Crypto startup fund, Equi Capital.

The approach of Equi Capital is to act as an investment firm, helping both retail and professional investors to purchase equity in companies. It hopes to replace traditional investment firms.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels