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Andreas Antonopoulos Speaks on Lending Bitcoin

By calvin
lending bitcoin

According to revered Bitcoin expert Andreas Antonopolous, investors could earn money by lending their Bitcoin and gaining interest from the lending activity. He asserts that a passive income can be made through such activities.

Lending Bitcoin for Passive Income

Antonopolous had a Q & A (Questions and Answers) session on his YouTube channel on June 27. During the live streaming session, he asserted that Ethereum sometimes experiences technical difficulties which can cause loss of invested capital. 

“Ethereum may have problems. It may have bugs. The consensus algorithm may have failures. You may have increases in the gas price, which leads to other cascade problems. And all of those things can cause you to lose some or all of your invested capital.”

Investment Markets for Cryptocurrencies

Investment markets for cryptocurrencies continue to gain more depth as institutional investors seek new revenue streams. So far, comparatively little evidence has been found in relation to institutional investment in Ethereum cryptocurrency. Bitcoin in contrast, has found significant popularity among institutional investors. 

According to the CEO of Kingdom Trust, a generational shift could open up a $28 trillion retirement market for Bitcoin. This is due in part to the fact that a significant proportion of the millions of people around the world who own Bitcoin are set to go into retirement, opening up a floodgate gate of Bitcoin investments. 

Cardano also joins the race to secure fruitful partnerships that bridge the gap between cryptocurrencies and real-world applications.

Cardano founder, Charles Huskinson says,

“We’ve built a lot of stuff to get some of the best programmers in the world into our system. The guys who write Haskell Code they’re not normal developers. They’re not JavaScript kiddies..they all have twenty years developer experience… a lot of them are domain experts and financial engineers because they’re writing Haskell for Barclays Bank, they’re writing Haskell for Wall Street Shops”