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3 Reasons Nigerians Buy and Sell Bitcoin with NairaEx

By calvin

NairaEx has earned a reputation as Nigeria’s leading cryptocurrency exchange. Nigerians depend on it to buy and sell Bitcoin using methods that are safe, secure, and fast. Thus, it comes as no surprise that over the years, more people have looked to NairaEx to lead them through the decentralized world of Bitcoin.

Nigerians Buy and Sell Bitcoin with NairaEx

With each new year of operation, the number of reasons to use NairaEx grows as the social capital of Nigeria’s leading cryptocurrency exchange compounds. Some of the reasons Nigerians seek to use NairaEx to buy and sell Bitcoin include:

• Exceptional customer service

• Secure transactions

• Low costs of transactions

1. Exceptional Customer Service

The paradigm of customer service in the blockchain industry is a tough nut to crack. Due to how complex blockchain infrastructure is, many organizations face challenges in finding a balance between technical brilliance and customer service. NairaEx has been able to achieve the right balance, ensuring that users can benefit from the technical infrastructure of blockchain while also experiencing ease of use required to carry out transactions.

2. Secure Transactions to Buy and Sell Bitcoin

NairaEx takes security extremely seriously. For this reason, it commits to implementing and maintaining different layers of security to protect its users and their Bitcoin accounts. In addition to the security infrastructure maintained by the cryptocurrency exchange, NairaEX supports users in adding their own personal layers of security for extra protection.

3. Low Costs of Transactions

NairaEx’s deep desire to provide Nigerians with better ways to carry out financial transactions has led it to offering market-leading offers and rates that are cost-effective. Buy and sell rates with NairaEx are 100% all-inclusive and there are no hidden fees. Not only do users benefit from competitive rates with NairaEx but they also have opportunities to reduce the costs of paying bills with NairaEx Bill, a payment solution that allows users to pay for utilities with Bitcoin. 

The costs of legacy financial systems are rising and increasing the pressure on households across the nation. Fortunately, NairaEx is changing things for the better with fresh approaches to finance that are, inter alia, fair and easy to understand. 

Photo by Katerina Bartosova on Unsplash