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Zoom App Now Allows Businesses Accept Crypto Payments for Calls

By Sagetwriter
Zoom App Cryptocurrency Payments

Trending video conferencing app – Zoom has integrated an ethereum blockchain-based app developed by 2key.Network.

Announced last week, the platform named SmartSessions, is a smart-link technology built on the Ethereum (ETH) network, which allows business owners to monetize their video calls using cryptocurrencies.

To do this, users are required to add a paywall to their Zoom video calls, allowing them to generate revenue from viewers accessing their live streamed video calls.

Zoom App Trends Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Educators, yoga instructors, personal trainers and more, have all leveraged the Zoom platform during this covid-19 outbreak, as they look to reach their audiences across the globe due to the lock down measures.

Before now, the Zoom platform required individuals on call to make payments through Paypal or bank transfers. However, with the introduction of SmartSessions, content creators can simply generate a unique access code for customers to complete their payments online.

Business owners can also specify the cost-per session and number of attendees; with the clients set to make payments in various cryptocurrencies.

As additional incentive, 2Key will offer support to buy crypto via credit cards directly from the platform.

Cryptocurrency Makes Payment Easy

The Zoom app has seen its users grow from 10 million to 200 million since the pandemic, as business owners adopt a work-from-home environment.

The integration of cryptocurrencies further aids Zoom’s utility by reducing cost of banking fees and restrictions for business owners. Coin payments also offer the benefit of instant and secure payments recorded on the blockchain.