04-20-2023 icon

Voyager Digital’s $1B Contract With Binance.US Progresses Following Agreement With Fed 

By Lucy Adegbe

Insolvent digital currency creditor Voyager Digital’s parent company has concluded an agreement with the US authorities that facilitates a $1 billion agenda that would authorize Voyager to trade off its digital holdings to the US unit of Binance. 

According to a Wednesday record in a New York regional courthouse, the insolvent creditor alongside the formal Committee of Unsecured Creditors and the United States federal government concluded that the agreement for Binance to purchase Voyager’s virtual holdings should progress as outlined.

The record notes that the Fed can proceed to develop the review on pardon provisions –which it alleges are the prerequisites that permit Voyager to get shielded from some lawful liabilities.

The insolvent platform’s Formal Committee of Unsecured Creditors noted in a Twitter update, on Wednesday, that all involved units have consented to the decision given that the review will proceed concerning the agenda’s pardon provision.

Formally, the agreement with Binance.US was momentarily put on hold by an appointed jurist following a plea by the United States authorities for an impromptu stay.

Notwithstanding Voyager and the Committee’s contention against the impromptu stay request, Judge Jennifer Rearden approved the nation’s authorities’ plea to momentarily halt the agenda through a verdict on March 27.

A February 28 record disclosed that an estimated 97% of Voyager’s clients supported the platform’s agreement with Binance.US.