04-13-2023 icon

Universal Music Group Urges Streaming Platforms to Shun AI-Formulated Songs

By Lucy Adegbe
Universal Music Group

Details formulated by artificial intelligence (AI) appear to be on a rapid increase since the introduction of OpenAI’s newest edition of its AI artificial conversation entity ChatGPT-4 and the likes. Nonetheless, some parties seem not to support many of their capacities when allowed to operate freely.

A Thursday news article from the Financial Times disclosed Universal Music Group (UMG) as the newest party to publish its worries over the advancing mechanization. 

The top music group noted out to streaming platforms, like Apple Music as well as Spotify, to restrict AI functions from gaining access to the sounds and lyrics of patented music.

As disclosed by an individual familiar with the case, the Universal Music Group has been transmitting propositions to remove AI-formulated music from all corners, following how they keep springing up on diverse streaming platforms with heightened frequency.

A Twitter account uploaded a sample of an AI-formulated song that showcased an AI-edition of a prominent rapper Jay-Z, which gave off a heightened similarity with the original Jay-Z. The Twitter account owner further stated that as a follower of the original Jay-Z, he “enjoyed” the AI edition, however, he is yet to ascertain if it is a good thing or not to like AI music.

This challenge may be a preamble to what is likely to unfold in the music space during this struggle to restrict AI technology from exploiting intellectual proprietorship rights.