04-05-2023 icon

United States President Joe Biden Persuades Tech Protocols to Tackle Dangers of AI

By Lucy Adegbe

US President Joe Biden noted, on April 4, that the security of the recently introduced Artificial Intelligence (AI) remains shaky, and buttressed that technology protocols paid attention to confirm that their AI-based products are safe before being introduced to the masses.

In a gathering with science and technology consultants, Biden admitted that AI has the potential of being useful in fixing challenges associated with diseases and climatic instability. Nonetheless, he emphasized the importance of tackling the likely hazards to the nation’s security and the economy.

At the initial stage of the gathering, Biden urged that technology platforms must prioritize confirming that their products are safe before they are introduced for public utilization. When questioned about the likely risks of artificial intelligence, he responded that it is currently uncertain, but there is a probability.

As stated by the head of state, social protocols have already shown the hazardous effect that strong technology can present when there is no effective strategy set in place to contain their excesses.

He reiterated his suggestion for the United States Council to authorize equitable privacy rulings that restrict the private information gathered by technology companies, outlaw child-focused commercials and prioritize fitness and security in product creation.