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United Nations (UN) Must Embrace Blockchain Technology – Secretary General

By Sagetwriter

United Nations (UN) secretary-general Antonio Guterres has said the organization must embrace blockchain technology as part of foremost technologies to be adopted by the institution.

According to an official report by Forbes, Guterres is quoted as saying:

“For the United Nations to deliver better on our mandate in the digital age, we need to embrace technologies like blockchain that can help accelerate the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals,”

– UN Sec. General speaks on Blockchain benefits

Guterres is a known proponent of blockchain tech as he believes it is key to a high-level of digital cooperation.

Notably, in September 2018, he had pointed out the decline in trust among institutions especially those between government and citizens; arguing that these emerging technologies particularly blockchain can help ensure transparency and revive trust in these institutions.

UN and Blockchain Technology

This year alone, the UN has launched a number of blockchain programs, including a blockchain financial services tool to prevent exploitation of migrant workers in Hong Kong.

The organization also announced the process of sustainable development practices using blockchain technology for sustainable development in Afghanistan.

Sister organizations are not left out of the use of crypto and blockchain technology; as UNICEF announced its acceptance of cryptocurrency (bitcoin and ethereum donations) for charitable causes.

Cryptocurrency Queries

While these global institutions acknowledge crypto and blockchain use cases, arguments by a few hierarchies over the use of cryptocurrencies persist.

These concerns stem from cryptocurrencies “supposed” anonymity which some say could finance payments linked to the traffic of people and other questionable goods.

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