04-14-2023 icon

Uniswap Introduces Apple Operating System Mobile Wallet In Specific Regions

By Lucy Adegbe

Decentralized digital currency trading network Uniswap has introduced a phone-supported wallet that presents integrated support for the platform, as disclosed by the trading platform in a Thursday news. The application is made accessible for IOS mobile in specified regions of the world and is listed on Apple’s application store.

On March 3rd, the Uniswap group made a fuss about Apple restricting its mobile trading application from the app store. Nonetheless, in this recent information, the group declared that its application is now free from the Apple prison and is accessible in select nations.

According to the company, the recently introduced mobile wallet will support the exchange of tokens in diverse networks such as Ethereum, Optimism, Polygon and the Arbitrum networks. It also features support for the Ethereum app via WalletConnect.

Customers can enable support for their accounts by keeping details of their seed phrase or introducing a passcode for their key vault and getting them saved on Apple’s iCloud.

The introduced wallet also allows customers of the platform to catch sight of thorough data about non-fungible tokens saved inside.

For a more effortless acceptance of Web3, many wallet creators have been making moves to introduce phone applications with integrated decentralized finance features in recent years. The likes of Argent incorporated MakerDAO as well as other decentralized finance functions with its wallet application in 2020.