11-18-2022 icon

Twitter shuts down workplace, staff quit as customers contemplate decentralized alternatives

By Lucy Adegbe

Elon Musk has repeatedly made moves to jiggle the twitter platform since his acquisition late last month. His recent actions have caused the departure of some of the protocol’s workforce and shut down of offices.

In the earlier days of this week, Musk sent out a ‚Äėstatement of terms email to the protocol‚Äôs employees noting that they are required to invest in ‚Äúlong working hours at high intensity‚ÄĚ or may have to leave their job by Thursday, November 17.

A significant number of Twitter employees chose the next option of clearing their desks with the awareness that they are entitled to a 3-months compensation fee (severance pay).

This action has led Twitter to momentarily shut its physical outlets as hundreds of its workforce resigned, as reported by Reuters on November 18.

According to the survey by the workplace application Blind reported by Reuters on Friday, 42% of 180 persons settled for the resignation option. In a distinct survey, 50% of interviewed employees predicted that half of the company’s workforce would resign.

Employees are not the only one leaving as customers of twitter are already searching fir other options like the recently revealed Mastodon. 

Mastodon is an autonomous decentralized social protocol of related servers functioning on non-proprietary software.

Mastodon has reportedly welcomed about one million users since the completion of the Musk-Twitter transaction.

Musk responded to the recent exodus, in an early Friday Tweet, underlining his reduced fear as he believes that ‚Äúthe best people are staying.‚ÄĚ