12-23-2022 icon

Twitter integrates Bitcoin and Ethereum price feeds to search operation

By Lucy Adegbe

Microblogging platform Twitter has integrated new digital currency features that allow individuals on the platform to search the trade rate of BTC and Ether by merely inputting their characters or tickers on the search option.

This recent innovation is a modification of “$Cashtags” and was published by the social protocol’s Business account on Wednesday.

According to the publication, anytime an individual creates a Twitter post containing characters of main digital stocks, mutual funds or digital currencies adding $ before it, it will allow individuals to see hyperlinks that would get them redirected to a search that displays the trading rate chart for those characters.

Additionally, the publication highlights that merely clicking to search for the ticker character for stock or digital currency directly takes an individual to the trade rate chart.

Twitter chair Elon Musk made a Thursday tweet introducing the recently integrated feature, adding that this is a bit of the diverse products mapped out for the reality of a “financial Twitter.”

However, it seems that the recent feature incorporates only the Bitcoin and Ethereum charts as at the periods of the report. Other digital currencies like the Twitter CEO “most preferred meme coin Dogecoin are yet to be included.

Regardless, Twitter Business underlined that there is an anticipated advancement to cover characters alongside an enhanced customer experience that would roll in the latter weeks.