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Tucker Carlson Lays out Absurd Ideas to Justify Bitcoin Trade Rate Increase: ‘Maximum Tin Foil’

By Lucy Adegbe
Elizabeth Waren

Contentious Fox report television broadcaster Tucker Carlson has suggested inquisitive propaganda aiming to connect the slowdown of airlines in the US and Canada to the rapid increase in the trade rate of Bitcoin.

He pointed out that the computer blackout that resulted in thousands of flights being restricted from takeoff actions, on the 11th of January, may be attributed to crypto-virus and postulated that the United States federal authorities may have purchased a significant portion of Bitcoin for reclaim.

Nonetheless, he offered zero proof as justification for this hypothesis. 

During his Tucker Carlson Tonight telecast on Fox report erred on Tuesday, Carlson contended that the trade rate of BTC surged by more than 200% shortly after the trip challenge.

“Since the nationwide ground stop last Thursday, the price of Bitcoin has shot up by 20%. Is that a coincidence?” Carlson noted.

Although followers of the television broadcaster seem to have bought the hypothesis as reasonable, members of the digital currency community appear to think differently.

Nick Almond, the owner of FactoryDAO, took to his Twitter page to depict Carlson’s hypothesis as “maximum tin foil.”

Almond also highlighted to supporters of the hypothesis that he contested, to a great extent, that the nation’s authorities would purchase significant amounts of Bitcoin on free trade to offset ransoms.

On January 11th, the United States Aviation Management notified that the hitches of flight delays were due to a “damaged database file” and the challenge has been tackled for flights to continue functions.