11-18-2022 icon

Trust Wallet introduces browser extension, incorporates Binance Pay and Coinbase Pay 

By Lucy Adegbe
Trust wallet

Following the fall of the FTX exchange, many participants in the crypto space have sought to withdraw funds from custodial exchanges, giving more attention to the likes of non-custodial Trust Wallets.

In seven days, Trust Wallet introduced its long-awaited plug-in (browser extension) and has joined forces with major exchanges  Binance Pay and Coinbase Pay, enabling their customers to send their monetary assets straight to Trust Wallet.

The self-custody protocol introduced the new plug-in browsing feature on November 14 and is currently accessible on Opera and Chrome browsers. 

According to further details, the plug-in allows customers to stock, transfer and collect digital currency across all Ethereum  Virtual Machine (EVM) supported blockchains and Solana.

Also, the plug-in incorporates functionality with multiple wallets, nonfungible tokens, non-EVM chains and crypto cold storage.

On Wednesday, global leading digital trading protocol Binance announced the introduction of its Binance Pay alliance option with Trust Wallet. This option will save users extra time registering a wallet address as the Trust Wallet logs as one of the default wallet transfer options. In addition, this transaction will only incur an on-chain gas charge.

While this withdrawal option is currently available in the self-custody protocol application’s android version, Binance says it will soon be supported on IOS.

The Trust Wallet option is also available on Coinbase Pay. As highlighted by the company’s solution administrator, Bipul Sinha, such integration will enhance customers’ funding flexibility which matches the company’s aim to “build  a bridge to Web3.”