03-22-2023 icon

Troubled crypto trading platform Bizlato authorizes customers’ 50% withdrawal in BTC

By Lucy Adegbe

Russia-linked digital currency trading protocol Bizlato has partly fixed authorization to customers’ assets notwithstanding being formally confiscated by concerned European bodies.

Bizlato has granted permission to its customers to take out about 50% of their holdings stuck on the exchange as a result of imposition from the US and Europol agency, the protocol on its Telegram page on Monday.

As noted in the publication, Bizlato customers are now allowed access to up to 50% of their funds through the Telegram bot — bz_phoenix_bot — enabling customers to withdraw funds from Bizlato to other trading platforms.

All transfers from the platform’s account are made in Bitcoin, as the protocol transformed all alternative coin reserves by its customers into Bitcoin when its business activities were suspended on January 18th.

As noted by the protocol, all holdings conversion into Bitcoin was because of the technical challenges connected to working with diverse cryptocurrencies following Bizlato confiscation.

According to a Bizlato spokesperson, the challenges with customers’ assets are yet to be fully fixed. However, the protocol intends to make refunds by either reviving permission to confiscated assets by the Europol agency or from the firm’s reserves, he added.

The US Justice unit published a main global digital currency imposition activity against the crypto exchange in the middle of January.

Europol agency later noted that the European authorities confiscated over 19 million dollars worth of digital currency from the exchange as one of the imposition actions.