08-21-2022 icon

Tornado Cash Inventor’s Apprehension Spurs Riot

By Lucy Adegbe

Following the nabbing of Alexey Pertsev in the Netherlands, advocates began to fret that blaming the creator for the mischievous usage of their system would be risky and alarming to the positives it promotes. 

Rioters exceeding over 50 persons were reported to have assembled for the Saturday campaign held at Amsterdam’s Dam Square to kick against the detention of the blockchain creator. 

 Alexey Pertsev was taken into custody on the 10th of August on the grounds of being a perpetrator of the malicious utilization of the Tornado cash system, banned by the United States Legislature in the earlier days of this month. 

The young creator’s apprehension followed two days after a digital coin tornado mixer, suspected to be utilized by north Korean cybercriminals, was blocked, and a private trial held on August 12th affirmed a judge’s approval that he be detained for two weeks.

While Pertsev remains a suspect of “concealing criminal financial flows and facilitating money laundering,” as stated by the Dutch financial crime authorities (FIOD)  in a press publication, he is yet to be found guilty of violating any regulation.

Others worry that his detention may adversely impact the fate of Web3 since the Tornado system operates a variety of legitimate applications even with the illegal activities it conceals. 

Pertsev’s wife was spotted among the assembled crowd holding on to placards and highlighting that “open source [code] is not a crime.”

There have been no further comments from the FIOD or the Dutch prosecutor.