03-29-2023 icon

THORChain Liquidity Network Suspended Due to Recent Susceptibility Information

By Lucy Adegbe

THORChain has, once more, suspended its mainnet, as a preventive step while validating information concerning a likely network susceptibility.

Chain agnostic liquidity platform THORChain has halted its mainnet citing a recent declaration of a possible mainnet susceptibility.

The protocol had taken to its social media account, on Tuesday, to inform its Twitter followers that it has suspended all exchange activities due to information of possible susceptibility with a THORChain reliance that could impact the system.

The conclusion regarding the halt was reached as a preventive step pending when the information is validated, THORChain noted.

THORChain released the tweet soon after online information suggested that THORChain’s liquidity protocol Nine Realms alongside the follow-up safety unit THORSec got reliable information about a possible susceptibility impacting THORChain. The protocol’s mainnet has allegedly been suspended worldwide.

According to Nine Realm’s Twitter update, “Network preemptively halted by NO’s to scrutinize and validate the information; updates will follow.”

Amid the yet-to-be-verified information, THORChain’s home token Rune has recorded a plunge of 5%, as revealed by statistics from CoinGecko. As of the time of the report, the Rune token has an exchange value of $1.32, which signifies an 18% decrease in the past month.

THORChain has recorded a series of suspensions of its network in the past. Among others, the protocol halted its mainnet in October as a result of an internal glitch that led to “ a non-determinism between individual nodes.” Nonetheless, it resumed services in about 20 hours.