06-21-2022 icon

South Korean Attorney bans Terra staff members from traveling abroad

By Lucy Adegbe

Blockchain protocol Terra’s members of staff have reportedly been banned from leaving the South Korean nation due to a legal departure prohibition imposed on major innovators of the project.

According to Korea JTBC’s Monday news, an investigatory division of the Seoul South Area Attorney’s Office has exacted a “travel ban” on major members of the Terraform Labs. The necessary travel prohibition is to ensure that key members do not leave the country to avert thorough scrutiny.

Terra developer Daniel Hong in a series of tweets highlighted his dissatisfaction, stating that the staffers are being handled like fugitives. According to Hong, staff members who may have willingly loved to cooperate might decide to do otherwise because of the ban. 

Daniel Jong also revealed that even ex-staff of the firm are included in the ban and none of them were duly notified to prevent any activities of eradicating likely facts that may contribute positively to the ongoing investigation. 

The CEO of Terra (LUNA) Do Kwon is not left out as a major figure in the investigation. However, Kwon currently lives in Singapore which is outside of the country they were being banned from exiting. Further statements have noted that legal proceedings may be needed to render Kwon’s passport faulty before investigative actions can be taken against him. 

In May, the South Korean government had restored a well-known fraud investigative department, the “Grim Reaper of Yeouido” and their first major focus has been to unravel the mess behind the Terra downfall.