04-27-2023 icon

Solana Labs ChatGPT Browser Extension Permits AI to Source On-chain Information 

By Lucy Adegbe

Solana customers will soon have access to effortlessly interrelate with the system aided by a non-proprietary browser extension activated on OpenAI’s rolled-out artificial intelligence conversation entity, ChatGPT. 

The browser extension will permit ChatGPT to access wallet reserves, send Solana-owned coins as well as buy non-fungible tokens as soon as OpenAI permits the browser extension availability, according to a Tuesday Twitter update by Solana Labs, the innovation company in charge of the Solana blockchain. 

Solana Labs additionally advocates that creators test run utilizing the non-proprietary code to recover blockchain information of their choice. 

The photos tweeted by the innovation company indicate that ChatGPT can recover a series of non-fungible tokens that belong to a specific Solana address, which uses a connected metadata link with the non-fungible token.

Solana did not exactly highlight if the browser extension will be rolled out at the time when OpenAI gives full access to the browser extension feature.

The recently introduced ChatGPT browser extension functions by recovering data from the web and interrelating it with mediator websites to give answers to the requests of its users. The feature is presently made accessible to every user, yet, not everyone considers it an applaudable innovation.

A Twitter account suggested that Solana pay more attention to creating a functioning “block explorer” and another queried its advantages to the ecosystem.