09-05-2023 icon

Scammers take over MetaMask government websites, target crypto investors

By Lucy Adegbe

Scammers are increasingly targeting MetaMask users by taking over government websites and redirecting unwary victims to fake MetaMask websites.

A recent investigation by Cointelegraph found that official government websites from India, Nigeria, Egypt, Colombia, Brazil, Vietnam, and other jurisdictions have been found redirecting to fake MetaMask websites.

The scammers typically use typosquatting techniques to create fake websites that look like the real MetaMask website. Once a user clicks on one of the rogue links, they are redirected to the fake website, which then requests access to their MetaMask wallet.

If the user enters their wallet information, the scammers can steal their cryptocurrency.

The MetaMask security team has warned users about the scam and advised them to only use the official MetaMask website. They have also advised users to be careful about clicking on links in emails or on social media.