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Rwanda Blockchain School to Launch in 2020

By Sagetwriter

Rwanda will play host to its first blockchain school in 2020, courtesy of the Africa Blockchain Institute (ABI).

Speaking at a recent interview, ABI Executive Director – Kayode Babrinde (Nigerian) revealed that the school will offer five key courses focused on extensive blockchain technology education.

The courses include a Blockchain Essentials Certification course, a Blockchain Developers course, an Enterprise Blockchain course, Blockchain course for lawyers (Legal), and a Blockchain for Impact course.

Mr. Babrinde discussed the choice of launching in Rwanda saying the country was chosen after the ABIs pilot phase of blockchain training in Ghana where it reevaluated the course impact and responses from participants which are now applied and updated in the current plan.

He also praised the cooperation of the Blockchain DLT Rwanda Association as a major catalyst in the decision to launch the school in Rwanda.

β€œEvery technology company is looking for an enabling environment to serve the continent. This means supportive policies, resource management, and visibility for the market. All these make Rwanda stand out in Africa.”

– Executive Director Africa Blockchain Institute

The Rwanda Blockchain School will provide a breeding ground for local developers, professionals, and policymakers in the blockchain industry, he added.

In all, ABI says the initiative will look to strengthen Africa’s regulatory framework for blockchain and cryptocurrencies, considering its current gray status and negative assumptions issued around public risks.

Rwanda Setting Africa’s Blockchain Pace

Reports by local media NewTimes Rwanda say the country’s Ministry of ICT and Innovation will include funding for emerging technologies, notably blockchain tech in its budget for the next fiscal year.

According to the plan “Emerging tech policy and strategy”, the budget will incorporate fourth industrial revolution technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and others.

Rwanda’s ICT minister is quoted:

Blockchain, just like the whole list of fourth industrial revolution technologies is one of the areas that we are very supportive of as a government and how we build that industry and grow it over time,”

– Rwanda’s ICT and Innovation minister

To achieve this, the minister says the government is keen on easing restrictions on tech startups to help create an enabling environment for innovation and productivity.

Adding that the National Bank of Rwanda and Rwanda’s Utility Regulatory Authority (RURA) have established a sandbox facility to test blockchain technology, as part of the country’s effort to become an innovation hub.