07-25-2022 icon

Recurring Twitter Scam Devastates NFT Space

By Lucy Adegbe

Recent fraudulent activity has been reported in the non-fungible token (NFT) space, with prominent NFT patron, Zeneca’s social network account being the newest prey. 

The tampered Twitter and Discord accounts were accessed and bridged to a false and fraudulent raindrop for the account owner’s “Zen Academy Founders Pass.” This move was to lure gullible customers into linking their wallets.

“Hey everyone wanted to do something special for the community so here I go! I would like to announce the official release of the Zen Academy Founders Pass airdrop. There would be 333 of these passes to start. The lucky few that manage to get…”

Users immediately made moves to flag Zeneca’s social space within just minutes of dropping the tweet and the account was shut in exactly 40 minutes after the fraudulent tweet was published.

On July 18, Yuga Labs made a tweet, hinting that there is a fraudulent group extensively targeting the NFT space. 

“Our security team has been tracking a persistent threat group that targets the NFT community. We believe that they may soon be launching a coordinated attack targeting multiple communities via compromised social media accounts. Please be vigilant and stay safe.”

While the extent of the ravage induced by the perpetrator is yet to be deciphered, @ZenAcademy has dropped a tweet in the early hours of Wed, apologizing with regards to the fraud and also buttressing, “ I have very little idea of how it happened. I had 2FA on using Google Authenticator and my physical device(s) hasn’t left my sight all night.”