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PornHub Models Turn to Cryptocurrency, AS PayPal Restricts Payments

By Sagetwriter

Popular x-rated website – PornHub has revealed that PayPal stopped servicing payments its models without any notice.

Reports say before the service breach, many PornHub models worldwide had been receiving payouts via PayPal or direct bank deposit; a blog post stated:

“We are all devastated by PayPal’s decision to stop payouts to over a hundred thousand performers who rely on them for their livelihoods.”

– Pornhub laments PayPal’s disservice

In response to the strike, Pornhub is now using direct funds transfer which requires the models to set up payment channels by themselves.

The Call for Cryptocurrency Payments

In the wake of the Pornhub saga, PayPal’s incessant shutdowns and country restrictions have again been highlighted.

In Nigeria alone, many have been victims of either charge-backs, restricted payments or withheld funds without no explanation or solution. This has further limited the use of PayPal’s service for payments globally.

For Bitcoin and cryptocurrency users the case is different. Cryptocurrency offers worldwide usage and a censorship-resistant payment option. Bitcoin transactions cannot be charged-back, cancelled or denied by any third party due to its peer-to-peer system.

There is also the benefit of instant payments, cheap fees and user privacy.

Sadly, the lack of enough crypto education has hindered adoption in the case of PornHub, even after signing a deal with Verge (XVG) cryptocurrency last year, as well as utilizing PumaPay to enable users to purchase products with various cryptocurrencies.

While the above partnerships and cryptocurrency options exist, models and users such as popular social media figure Shyla Jennings have no knowledge of how crypto works just yet; as she revealed in a tweet responding to suggestions of using cryptocurrency; she said:

“No surprise there. Been blacklisted from Paypal for years…Crypto, personal portal… LOL. I don’t understand what that even is. I’m cool with just direct deposit into my bank account.”

In all, using bitcoin or cryptocurrency keeps you in charge of your payments, with no middle men or third party restrictions. Crypto is free for all.

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