04-21-2023 icon

Over 50% of American Residents Predict Significant Effect of AI on Labour Force – Survey 

By Lucy Adegbe

Almost 62% of American residents believe that enforcing artificial intelligence (AI) in offices will pave the way for a significant effect on the nation’s workforce over the next two decades, making some workers fear what to anticipate in the coming years. 

Last Thursday Pew Research News disclosed that 56% of an aggregated 11,004 grown-ups interviewed in the US highlighted that artificial intelligence will potentially affect the nation’s economy a great deal. Another 22% think AI technology will affect the nation’s economy insignificantly. 

Barely 13% of surveyed individuals think AI will cause better than harm to the nation’s workforce, while 32% highlighted otherwise. The remaining respondents forecasted that AI will even be harmful as well as useful to the American workforce, with 32% sounding so certain compared to the remaining 22%.

The study did not exactly question respondents if they felt they would be put out of their jobs due to the introduction of AI, yet some participants noted fears that a workspace that encourages AI could result in heightened supervision, data mishandling, and confusion. 

The survey was partially inspired by what the Pew Research team tagged as the fast-dominating nature of ChatGPT, an AI artificial conversation entity introduced by OpenAI on the last day of November 2022.