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Opera Browser-Crypto Wallet Now Supports Bitcoin, Tron

By Sagetwriter

Popular browser company – Opera has announced more good news for crypto fans, as it has added support for Bitcoin (BTC) and Tron (TRX) token to the Android version of its built-in cryptocurrency wallet.

As revealed in an official publication, the internet browser company states that users of its Opera for Android browser (version 53 beta), can now send and receive BTC, TRX and TRC-10 standard tokens.

Before now, Opera’s built-in crypto wallet had only offered support for Ethereum (ETH) and ERC standard tokens.

Additionally, Opera reveals an experimental web 3 integration feature which allows webpages to request and receive addresses for users to complete transactions with BTC. The ‘Web 3’ refers to a general term used to characterize the development of  semantic internet built on more intelligent, open and distributed web, with a use of blockchain, decentralized computing and cryptocurrencies.

Opera notes that “It is now safe to say that our browsers are Web 3 ready and that this should be the new standard for all browsers.”

This latest feature continues Opera’s sojourn in the browser-crypto wallet enabled market. Currently in competition with fellow blockchain browser company – Brave, Opera looks to use its popularity and development as an advantage to endear the crypto community to its fan base.

Only last month, Opera had released an iOS version of its Opera Touch browser with very interesting cryptocurrency support features.

Do you think blockchain and built-in crypto wallet browsers will overtake traditional browser and wallet companies?

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