04-13-2023 icon

OpenAI Introduces Virus Bounty Initiative to Fight Against Network Susceptibility

By Lucy Adegbe

Given the recent privacy and network safety challenges, alongside reported prohibition in diverse nations, artificial intelligence(AI) focused firm OpenAI has introduced an initiative to fight against susceptibility worries. 

On Tuesday, OpenAI, known to be the brain behind ChatGPT, published the introduction of the OpenAI virus bounty initiative tagged as the “Bug Bounty Program” to assist in spotting and fixing susceptibility in its network. As noted in the publication, the initiative set compensation to safety analysts for their assistance in maintaining the security of the platform and its technology.  

OpenAI requested a worldwide community of safety analysts, honourable hackers and technology devotees, presenting rewards offers for susceptibility information. The AI firm supposes that professionalism and attention will directly affect maintaining all-around safety for its network and users.

OpenAI’s recent initiative had come after comments by the Japanese governing authority chair cabinet secretary Hirokazu Matsuno, on April 10, that Japan intends to consider adopting AI technology to its government systems so long as privacy and network safety hitches are fixed.

The platform encountered an information violation on March 20, which caused customers’ information to be made accessible to other customers as a result of a virus in its non-proprietary software library. 

Secure storage protection is set in place for susceptibility analysis made in line with certain policies noted by OpenAI. Analysts are required to adhere to all relevant policies.