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How crypto merchant increased business income growth by 75% using NairaEX

By Yomi Bilewomo

The NairaEX team is passionate about helping our users achieve their financial goals when they trade with us. Our approach is to partner with users in the journey to personal or business growth – because we are certain that their satisfaction and success also equals our success.

Here is how a crypto merchant achieved 75% income growth using NairaEX.

Who is he?

Idowu Johnson is a Lagos based business owner who owns and successfully runs a school where he focuses mostly on students sitting for their WAEC and JAMB exams and making sure to provide them with the right teachings and guidance they require. But that’s not all, 

Johnson is also a full-time cryptocurrency trader who buys, saves and sells cryptocurrency for his numerous clients in large volumes. He has been in the crypto business for more than 3 years and he agrees that it has been a very lucrative business venture. 

What was his challenge?

When Johnson started his crypto trading business, the biggest challenges he had was:

  • Ease 
  • Speed and 
  • Transaction charges. 

The trading services he used at the time was difficult to use, slow to complete transactions and charged outrageous transaction fees and instead of gaining new clients, he continuously lost his existing clients due to an inability to complete his transactions in time. 

Not only was he losing clients, but he was also finding his cryptocurrency business really difficult to operate and this was a result of constant pressure on him to meet with transaction requests.  He almost gave up. 

What was the solution?

Johnson casually mentioned his business challenges during one of his conversations with his friend Dami. Dami goes on to encourage him and then told him about NairaEX.  

“I have not used NairaEX before because you know I don’t do anything Crypto related but my younger brother does and I have heard him mention how fast NairaEX handles his transactions”, said Dami, and because he still wished to revive his business and although Dami wasn’t so sure, Johnson carried out his research and registered with NairaEX and proceeded to try his first transaction which was:

  • Fast –  “almost immediately” (according to him)
  • At very low and sometimes, zero fees 
  • The platform was easy to navigate and use.

What is the Result?

After his first few transactions on NairaEX, Johnson reached out to his clients and announced his business restructuring. He informed them that things are better and transaction processes are now faster. The first few clients who traded with him were satisfied and referred their friends who referred other people and gradually with the help of NairaEx, Johnson grew his business from almost failing to a rapid income growth up to 75%

With NairaEx Johnson was able to gain:

  • Restructuring
  • Income Growth
  • Client growth through referrals 
  • Increase in transaction frequency of at least once a day

Not only has Johnson grown tremendously in his crypto business, but he is also now no longer under so much pressure and has more personal time to grow his other businesses

“I really thank the NairaEX team for the work and effort they put into making sure everything runs smoothly, I am happy with NairaEX and don’t think I’ll stop using the platform anytime soon,” he concluded.