06-17-2022 icon

Musk Thinks Twitter has Potential as a Crypto Remittance Platform

By Lucy Adegbe

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla, has agreed to acquire Twitter for $44 billion and spoke at a Thursday company-wide gathering.

Musk who initially set an agreement to obtain twitter at the rate of $44billion has finally made moves to seal the deal in a Thursday company meeting, despite public speculations about him being hesitant to comply with his part of the agreement.  

Musk stated during the staff and leaders meeting that “money is fundamentally digital at this point and has been for a while.” This makes twitter and digital payment integration an easier fix to make and receive payments. 

The twitter space isn’t exactly ignorant of the digital world as it integrated bitcoin cryptocurrency tipping in the past year under the regime of the previous CEO, Jack Dorsey. Twitter also incorporated the Ether coin in the earlier month of this year. 

The company also permitted its platform to become the first amongst others to test the Stripe modern solution payment procedure with its extra feature introduced in April that allows for the USD stable coin to be used for payment through Polygon.

Meanwhile, a United States resident is seeking to charge Elon Musk alongside its companies for $258 billion in support of investors that claimed to have been scammed by a Dogecoin illegal scheme. 

Musk has formerly been in favor of Dogecoin and is initiating that in May, stock for SpaceX would easily be purchased with the coin just the same way it would work for Tesla stock.