11-30-2022 icon

Misuse of the Metaverse to rapidly increase soon: Kaspersky

By Lucy Adegbe

Malicious software, crypto virus ambush, and spoofing are not exactly the sole plagues in the digital currency space as the Metaverse is likely to be majorly preyed on in the coming year, as notified by cybersecurity professionals.

According to the User Cyber disruptions: Speculations for 2023 statement put forward on November 28, global cybersecurity service company Kaspersky pre-warned that there is a high probability of increased exploitation of the Metaverse as a result of deficient data security and balance.

Kaspersky admitted that while there are but a few Metaverse protocols currently, the numbers are bound to grow in the next couple of years, with the market predicted to exceed $50 billion by 2026.

That growth is what may attract attackers aiming to prey on ignorant digital space parties, Kaspersky added. 

The cybersecurity service protocol also speculated that digital misuse and sex crime will see an overflow into the metaverse space. It highlighted scenarios of ā€œavatar rape and abuseā€ summing up that with the exclusion of security measures and constraint rules, this frightening trend will probably advance into next year.

Facebook, currently called Meta already faced major unfavorable reactions due to its Metaverse initiative which struggles with customer security measures alongside privacy problems.

Kaspersky remarked that recent variations of social media will pave way for additional danger, pointing out that digital criminals may begin circulating false ā€œtrojanized applicationsā€ to influence gadgets for malware objectives.