10-26-2022 icon

Microsoft Prepares to Integrate Metaverse into its Service Operation

By Lucy Adegbe

One of the major global software establishments Microsoft has begun considerations that infers its belief in the future dominance of the digital world. The company’s UAE CMO Ihsan Anabtawi commented that the company is making moves to enable compatibility between its cloud and the metaverse.

Anabtawi believes that the creative innovation of the metaverse is inescapable and should be placed on the list of things that occur naturally to complement the internet world. 

“We should view the metaverse as the next step in the evolution of the internet, which began as an internet of data in the 1900s and 2000s, the internet of people in 2010 and is now the internet of things,” he emphasised.

Microsoft is now expanding its cloud coast as well as other sub-areas with various metaverse ventures for its customers and firms to flexibly develop strong applications. 

The software giant aims to pave way for more users into the metaverse. It is diligently investing to ensure sufficient tools are available to explore this path in the long term. 

As announced by Anabtawi, “This isn’t a short-term investment, this is bringing the full power of our work across several areas to enable the future of computing in the metaverse for business and consumers.”

The company introduced Mesh in November, a metaverse component for its Teams application that enables virtual avatar utilization during calls.