04-21-2023 icon

Michael Schumacher’s Household to File Lawsuit Over AI-Generated Interview

By Lucy Adegbe
Micheal Schumacher

A German paper recently utilized artificial intelligence to recreate a discussion with preceding Formula One motorsport racing driver Micheal Schumacher, causing his family to react with a plan to file a suit on the issue. 

The German paper Die Aktuelle published, on April 14th, “the first interview! “with Schumacher after he encountered a severe case of brain impairment due to a skiing mishap that occurred in 2013.

While the paper included the statement “it sounds deceptively real” on the magazine cover, the publication included a line of supposed statements that were created by artificial intelligence technology, which was made known in the last part of the publication. 

A mediator for the Schumacher household verified to Reuters alongside ESPN, on Thursday, that they intend to file a suit against the paper Die Aktuelle. 

The intended legal action comes after a fast-increasing wave of managerial actions concerning AI as governing bodies and the judicial system struggle to find the best ways to tackle the fast-dominating invention. 

About 12 European Union legislators have urged, in a written address, that a secure and cooperative expansion of AI be set in place through a universal outline of laws on AI expansion. 

So far, AI has the potential of being utilized to mislead people in the business space as well as to impersonate public figures.