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Whim K1 – World’s First Blockchain-Based Laptop

By Sagetwriter

With the growing trend of blockchain-based and cryptocurrency holding smartphones, it is only a matter of time before other gadgets catch the crypto-vibe; from wrist watches to now laptops, blockchain technology is caving a big industry.

In line with this, German-based firm Karatbars International GmbH has announced the details of its highly anticipated project – The Whim K1, the world’s first blockchain-based laptop.

The device comes with an array of features infused in a spectacular golden body. Details show the Whim K1 runs through a VOBP (Voice Over Blockchain Protocol) and comes with a physical encryption key for easy use.

It also has a 180-degrees rotation feature, light weight and sleek feel.

For its operating system, users have the option to choose the regular Windows OS or Karatbars native operating system depending on convenience.

As expected, the Whim K1 has cryptocurrency features making it a choice gadget for crypto investors. These features include a crypto wallet manager, trading apps, blockchain apps, NFC transfer apps and other crypto functionality.

Others include: a finger print sensor for security, a mini screen on its exterior which serves as PoS (Point-of-Sale) solution for scanning bar codes.

Since the laptop runs on a fully blockchain-based platform, users can never run out of space as they enjoy unlimited storage. There is also an option to instantly synchronise the laptop with Karatbars K1 VOB (Voice Over Blockchain) smart phone.

Would you purchase this device? Welcome to blockchain 2.0.