08-25-2022 icon

Investment Financial Operator Cowen Gets Two Employees to Join its Virtual Property Team

By Lucy Adegbe

America’s internationally focused investment financial service firm Cowen Inc. is reported to have included two crypto natives to its virtual service team as it seeks expansion in that newly inaugurated department. 

Cowen acquisition bank employed Jackie Rose to be the head of the managing team of the company’s virtual sales. Rose was formerly an employee at Blockchain.com where she headed the protocols business development unit. 

The company also sought the service of the former Coinbase institutional sales executive Chase Campbell who is to perform the duties of the deputy executive of the virtual property sales department. 

As stated by Cowen’s administrator and chief of virtual implementation Eric Rose, “Cowen Digital is actively hiring and expanding our team on a strategic build over the next five years. Despite recent volatility in the sector, we continue to see growth and investment opportunities for the long term.”

Cowen seems to be following the recent trend of various banks by adopting a crypto-friendly base for a more flexible banking operation for its customers. Its full-time digital trade service is focused on filling the gap between the traditional securities market and digital trade.

Its acquired virtual assets are reported to be under the guardianship of Standard Custody & Trust, a virtual property custodian committed to ensuring optimum ease and security solutions for all investors.